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    I am looking for a very fast server for a productive site. I hesitate between and Isprime is 2 times more costly but has a 5 GB fiber connectivity, vo is only 2 GB. I have not a very good idea what this mean in terms of speed and if it is a good idea to pay 2 times more or not. As there are a lot of experimented people on this forum, I will appreciate any advice on this.
    Also I found a lot of feedback on vo but not very much on isprime. Has someone any experience with them?
    Someone can suggest me other similar reliable hosts?

    Thanks for any help!

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    well 2gbit/s should be far enough for most needs. so both of the have got far enough speed reserves, and if their pipes are getting filled, they'll normally just order/add new ones to increase the speed.
    so i really wouldn't pay twice just for that.

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