Support Resort: Dedicated RHCE and MCSE/MCSA staff from $4.61 per hour!!

Support Resort provides Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCEs), and Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) / Microsoft Certified System Administrators (MCSAs) from as little as $4.61 per hour.

Windows system administrators have either MCSE or MCSA certification.


Part-Time Certified System Administrator: US$449/month
Full-Time Certified System Administrator: US$799/month

Full-time system administrators work 8 hours per day (including a meal break) and part-time system administrators work 4 hours per day (including a meal break). Your assigned system administrator would work exclusively for you throughout your daily service period, and would not be assigned to any other customer during that time.

What We Cover

Our technicians can perform a wide range of system administration procedures and investigations, with examples of such tasks including:

* Installing and configuring software (including custom configurations);
* Upgrading software between major and minor versions;
* Tweaking software and system configurations;
* Using control panel software to make system changes/updates;
* Tracking issues through log files;
* Finding the cause of load problems;
* Performance tuning;
* System hardening and hack prevention and cure;
* Spam prevention and cure;
* Updating firewall rules;
* Installing secure (SSL) certificates;
* Restarting services;
* Custom kernel compilations;
* Analyzing system problems and recommending solutions;
* Standard server/site migrations;
* Emergency outage investigation and, if appropriate, escalation to your data center;
* Implementing disaster recovery procedures and backup systems;
* Conducting security audits;
* Basic shell scripting;

Certified System Administrator plans also include live chat and email support for you (during your daily support period).

Why choose Support Resort?

High quality outsourced support can only be provided if professional standards are applied to every aspect of operations. For example:

* We are based in two first-class IT parks in India, with stable electricity (100% backup), UPS and redundant ISPs (different providers).

* We are extremely fussy about who we hire and to this point we have employed less than 0.05%% of all applicants.

* We provide a comprehensive control panel to ensure that our service to you is organized, systematic, accountable, well-informed and customized to your needs.

* We understand that strong technical skills are not all it takes to please your customers. You will find that our staff also have well-honed soft-skills, fluent English, and are dedicated to pleasing your customers. We provide a full supervision infrastructure and have streamlined escalation procedures to ensure your customers' queries are answered effectively.

* Established in 2003, we now have 250 staff and growth continues. We attribute our growth to the outstanding value-for-money we provide to customers through our blend of high quality service and low prices.

* To quote one of our customers:

"I have to say that in my entire life I have never ever come across the dedication to detail and the willingness to work at high pressure levels to deadlines as I have experienced with your employees. Your company has my respect, I never thought things would work out as well as they have."

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