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    The ruling on plural marriage and the wisdom behind it

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    does your post have a point?

    Greg Moore
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    yup i guess it is called religious propaganda (or spam heheh )or something like that, i suppose it is posted here to make me (supposed to be catholic (parents), but I m ateist = dont beleive in that, but like few things like christmas ) uncertain if i am wrong beeing an ateist, and that i should think of changing my religion (if i have one) to the one advertised I think that if you do beleive in God , you should keep it for your self as i keep for my self that i like to dring glass of cold coke when i wake up in the morinig (it is important for me,(i know that is not good) but not for everyone else) ...another long post (1/4 Tim 's average size)

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