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    * Confused about Bandwith

    Hi there. I hope someone will have the time to answert this for me...

    I have read numerous posts about this but still dont quite get it.

    Could someone tell me what is better to have . WHat i mean is this.

    You can get dedicated servers either with 400gig a month (like rackshack) . I understand that gives me a straight 400 gig a month. Where it gets confusing is here.

    Wheere does the 10MBIT stuff lay in this or even a 1MBIT line, or the 95% perectile etc or the bustable stuff, no overage transfer charge .?

    Like lets say you were going to get a server what is the best to have as a owner of the server to serve your clientele. So that it will offer you the most milage for your dollar and quality. How busy will your server have to be before it will affect your users on each.

    I have seen people offer 10mbit lines and so on burstable connections etc. It all sounds good but i still dont know what is good to have. For what the end user will enjoy.

    One example is fdcservers with tthe 10megport and 100meg or saburovo[ 650 GB a month transfer guaranteed, no charge for additional transfer] is that good or does that mean that out of your server you will only get that much a month maximum? I am sorry if this is dumb question Hope i made this cleaer enough . Thanks in advance for an answer.
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    It all depends on what you plan to do with your server. Transfer limit/quota are usually more common. Basically, they measure all the traffic your server has in a month and bill you accordingly. On the other hand, the 10mb/s servers from rackshack and other places are not monitored by transfer usage. You get a fixed amount of bandwidth (ie. 10mb/s) and you can push/pull as much transfer you want.

    Which one is suitable for you depends on your use. For example, if you have a small budget but a large FTP site, go with the 10mb/s (or whatever the limit), because then you can not worry about whether your server will go over the limit. On the other hand, get the transfer limit if you know the amount of traffic in advance and you want it to be burstable.

    Think of an analogy: A network connection is like a water pipe. The transfer limit gives you so much volumne of water to flow through, and you get the full bandwidth (speed) of the pipe. The unmetered connections (10mb/s) limit your output to certain speed, in essence giving you a small portion of the provider's main pipe, and you are not charged based on how much water flows through.


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