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    What is Global Modify?

    Hey, I am just cruising through my CP on NameCheap, and there is an option called "Global Modify" - what exactly does that do? Do I need to change the information on that?

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    I believe it's used to modify the name server/forwarding/registrar lock/contact information for ALL your domains Quite convenient.

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    Yikes - NO!

    On ******** it is called "Apply to All" on NetSol it is Handle Modify.

    If you have only one domain - that is NOT a name server, then try it - but mind it anyway. "Global Modify" - Any change you do at one domain will be applied to all your other accounts, that might have it's uses in some cases - just be carefull to know when Not to use it

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    NameCheap also has the function where you can check each domain you want to include in a global modify... so you can change the nameserver for instance on 10 of the 20 domains you own it you want.
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