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    * Looking for web hosting related websites

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking to purchase text links on established websites related to "web hosting" subject - web hosting directories, forums and etc.

    Sites have to meet criteria:

    1) English language
    2) Been online for atleast 1 year

    Send me your URL, Visitors information and pricing information thru PM.

    Once again, only WEB HOSTING related sites, not anything else.

    Thank you


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    you can visit

    both the sites are in English language and online for more then 1 year.

    thank you

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    Hello, - Our site has been online for over 3 years. We have
    over 35,000 registered webmasters. Our most popular features are hosting,
    banner exchange, and webmaster discussions.

    The footer banners on the main site front end pages + forum receive around
    12,000 views/day from around 7000 unique visitors.

    It's no problem for us to provide realtime stats + banner productivity breakdown
    if you do not have your own tracking software.

    Our prices are $200.00/mo for the exclusive footer, or if you want to try for
    a week with $50.00 we would be happy to run your ad and show you the type
    of results this spot produces.

    Shoot me a msg if you are interested and we can start immediately. I hope
    that we can be a resource for your team.


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    I can offer an audience that would be interested in web hosting, although the sites are not totally web hosting related. The demographic is webmasters, web developers, web programmers, server administrators and graphic designers. Details are at Feel free to contact me with any questions via the site or by PM here.
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