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    Cyberwings a scam?

    Well, I've hosted a bunch of sites with them, and have been there for years and I had to move almost every one off of their services-
    so now they have my money for each one and none of my traffic to take up their bandwidth... I'm beginning to think this was intentional.
    A pyramid marketing scheme- they can keep making money as long as they keep making sales.
    Funny thing is, they were very helpful when they first started, and now they are a complete disaster.
    My only cyberwings accounts that are still wokring are the ones they resold to me from rackshack. All the other ones have been down for over a week. YET I still keep getting emails from them with promotions to buy more- they are SPAMMING me.
    forget it- I move all accounts away from them this week.
    I am an angry and unsatisfied customer.

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    Sorry to hear about your problems MCP. It seems you are not the only one in this position as there are quite a few anti Cyberwings threads popping up on WHT. Hopefully they get their stuff in order and come to a resolution with all their clients, either by refunding them (yeah the amount is small but it's the principle) or actually re-activating the sites or telling the truth of what the real problem is.

    Hope you find a good host for your websites.

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