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    Windows Weekender *Special*

    Touch Support Windows Technical Support Team will answer your *Weekend* end user support tickets for as low as $150.00 per month.

    Imagine, from 5:30 PM EST Friday to 9:30 AM EST Monday, our Windows support team will answer your Level 1 and Level 2 end user support tickets for you.

    Even if you only get 7 tickets a weekend, you can qualify to have our support technicians answer those tickets.

    Our minimum monthly billing for Windows support is only $150/month. This includes the cost of tickets, $3.75 each and our support subscription of $44.95. The support subscription includes an unlimited eSupport license, necessary for the helpdesk.

    We offer technical end user support for Windows 2000/2003 using a Helm or a Plesk control panel.

    Like the sound of weekends off from your support desk?

    Call 1-888-458-6824 Ext. #3
    email [email protected] <mailto: [email protected]>
    AIM: TSGradyR

    Of course we can also provide support for your clients 24 hours a day if you wish!
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