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    Question I WILL PAY for web design & forum set-up.

    Hello, I need to hire someone who can do the following:

    1. Assist to choose and set up a forum program, either vBulletin, UBB, Ikonboard, or YABB. I need to determine which has the best of these primary features:

    a) Able to handle large numbers of members.
    b) Can appoint several moderators to each category.
    c) Very secure against hackers editing messages undetected.

    2. The following custom alterations are needed.

    a) Make it possible for each member to display the following information under the avatar in the margin: country--region--age group--favorite quote--favorite link (as a clickable title).
    b) POP-UP THREADS. Normally, when you click on the title of a thread or topic, the discussion then appears in the same window--replacing the list of titles. I want the list of titles to remain--and for the discussion to appear in a new pop-up window. In normal HTML, this is done by adding <>target="blank"<>. I need someone to make sure a similar mechanism is added SAFELY to the forum board thread titles.

    3. Design a standard "home page" suitable for an inexpensive "self-replicating web page." I want to give each member of my forum a simple home page that includes:

    a) A large blank space where the member can put in any HTML they want.
    b) A banner on top that can not be removed by the member.
    c) Four "framed" areas at the bottom of the page that include:
    --Three frames that contain the titles page for one of my forums. These may be changed OR DELETED ENTIRELY by the member as desired.
    --One frame that can not be changed, including the titles page for one of my forums, as set by me.

    For example. In this forum, when you click on the forum, "Job Offers & Requests"--this brings you to a page of discussion titles. I want such a page to show in each of the "frames" within the home page to be designed. Then, when the visitor clicks on one of the discussion titles--the discussion will open in a pop-up window.

    Anyone who can help me, please let me know here, with some idea of the cost if possible. Thank you.

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    do you have an email address we can use to communicate with you?

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    * My email is activated - but PM is better now.

    I have activated my email. Use the "mail" button at the bottom of my messages. However, PM is better right now if you want me to keep a copy for reference.

    Thank you for pointing this out, Shad. In the control area it said to select to "hide email from view,"and "then your email can not be viewed." But in fact, that only disables the email button---and the email can not be viewed anyway, whether "yes" or "no." A bit confusing, isn't it? Those directions are something I will want to edit if I use vBulletin!

    By the way, here is the nitty-gritty of how I would like member-info to be displayed under the avatar in the left margin beside every message.

    Vermont [state/province/region]
    USA [country]
    age: 30-50 [under 18 / 18-30 / 30-50 / over 50 / way ancient]
    Site: Planet Poker ["My home page" or any title up to 15 characters.]
    [Clickable to any URL up to 120 characters.]
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    What is your budget exactly? I would reccomend vBulletin and that is atleast $160.

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    vBulletin costs $85/year OR $160 + $30/year. This is affordable and right now, from all reports is the best option. Ikonboard and UBB definately are not as good. YABB is a very popular, highly advanced freeware. There is a YABB-SE that MIGHT be as good---and there is a full SQL upgrade of YABB due soon---so that may be a possibility, if anyone is familiar with it.

    Meanwhile, I am starting a checklist for reference to discuss with whomever I hire for installation:

    --use of firewall
    --hiding the path of certain files

    optionals for PROFILE page:
    my Paypal: [email w/syntax check]
    ref Paypal: [email w/syntax check]
    ref of ref Paypal: [email w/syntax check]

    Signature limits:
    1 line, 50 characters
    1 image, 117 x 30 pixels
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    I run several forums on YaBB SE, and it is a great product. However, it is not as advanced as vBulletin, as I would recommend waiting until the new YaBB SE 2 comes out if using it for a high volume forum, as it will have greatly increased load balancing, and less needless SQL queries.

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    Lightbulb YaBB SE-2

    KCDworks, I am DELIGHTED to hear from someone with an in-depth and yet objective view of YaBB SE! Clearly, you do not think it is as good as vBulletin. But please clarify:

    1. Do you think SE-2 is sure to be as good as vBulletin--or maybe better?

    2. Won't it be feasible to start with SE-1 now---and simply upgrade to SE-2 when it comes? Or is that not so simple?

    3. Can you give me some idea of the difference in power between Yabb SE-1 and vBulletin in terms of member numbers? I.e., what is your rough guess the largest member group that can nicely be handled by SE-1---and likewise for VB? 3,000? 6,000? 10,000? 20,000? or etc.

    Thank you very much for any such insights. KCDworks or anyone else, please reply if possible.

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    Yes, YaBB is a good board, I have used it for a while now.. starting way back when the CGI version was the only one available. Yes, it may not be as advanced as vB but still a very good board.

    Regarding your questions:

    1) I don't know about it becoming as good as vB, as vB is quite an advanced and well designed board, but it will probably be quite good.

    2) Usually boards allow upgrades, so probably it will allow it to be upgraded, but no guarantees.

    3) I haven't seen a big YaBB board yet, the biggest one I've seen is the support board they have, but vB boards are well capable of having over 10,000 members.

    Hope that helps.

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    Yabb aren't anywhere near the standard of VB for features , speed and more.

    Customising Yabb is also a strain whereas in other freeware it can be just like vb through the admin center.

    I recomend you take a good look at Invision Board which I beleive having experienced vb and invision that Invision is not far off the standard of vb and is also Lightening Fast !

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    * Design now in negotiation phase.

    Web designers please note: I already am in the negotiation phase with a web designer. Send me a PM if you like, and I will keep that for future reference.

    vBulletin has informed me they will have "message numbers" in the next upgrade. And although YaBB SE-2 soon "probably" will be as good--VB is the proven choice for mega-size forums. Therefore probably I should go with vBulletin.

    Thank you everyone for being so helpful. The response here has been like no other forum.

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    Good luck in setting up your forum!

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    If you still need somone to setup that vB forum please let us know

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