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    To All You Resellers Out There...

    I see that MCHost is likely the most mentioned as to purchase reselling from...there's also voxtreme and splashhost that are mentioned alot. But my question is...plan 1 at MCHost has 1GB of space and only 18GB of transfer at $35/month.

    How do you guys usually divy up your resources in your packages and what do you charge for them? I had a reseller once (Gemstream) who charged you $30/month for the right to resell (and host your hosting site) and then you resold their premade packages....the low package was $6 for resellers and u sold it for 9 or 10 bucks...that package has 40 megs of space and 3 gigs transfer.

    So I guess I am also lots of storage the money maker...or lots of transfer...what do people spend money on? Because at 1G storage and 18G transfer...seems like you're gonna have packages with lots of storage and low transfer. Let's say u have 3GB transfer/package @ $'re only gonna make $60 - $35 = $25/6 packages sold, or about $4/package. So is this more of a quantity issue to make money? Cuz ur gonna have to have a lot of clients to ACTUALLY start making decent money...

    Thanx to all who answer...greatly appreciated.

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    Our resellers seem to lean towards a reasonable amount of space and plenty of transfer. Bulk space isn't as sought after as data transfer.



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    Re: To All You Resellers Out There...

    Originally posted by Chaps
    . . . . . . . .what do people spend money on? . . . . . .
    I think we're 'all' resellers; so I can answer.

    Transfer is most likely the biggest expenditure.
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    Yeah I figured transfer would be...but when you only have 15 or 18 gigs...whatever MCHost gives much do you give per package and what do you charge? Like it would seem high to price 3 gigs of transfer and 125megs of space over 10 dollars wouldn't it? And at $'re only making $4 per package.

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    Well, you don't exactly have to follow the prices offered on WHT - they are typically lower than the going market rate.

    If you can offer good support and uptime, then at US$15 a month, it seems cheap to customers.

    Just my 2-cents

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    1GB of space and only 18GB of transfer at $35/month.

    Above plan is better cos' it gives you the flexibility to charge your customers any price. And if you go by 'averages rule', you get better return.

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