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    Subsektion Studios: Unused Hosting Template for sale


    My name is Noah Halter and I run and maintain, with three other designers, and two programmers, a design site called Subsektion Studios.

    Domain issues have prevented us from getting the domain, so the site is hosted at on my server.

    We have an unused site design from a past client, and we would like to sell it.

    The buyer gets:
    The full design
    Any text changes/color changes/additional needs
    HTML coding

    Best offer gets the design.

    I have attatched the design.

    On another note, we have a MySQL backend script that has been halted in production. It will stay halted until someone offers a bid for it. This is what the script is:

    The system we were developing is exactly like plus a backend system. Let me give an example.

    A user signups up for a free account, he then registers a domain name and pays for it, we are notified by the backend system that a person has registered a domain and we go register it manually for the user. Then they decide to say change their whois info, were notified by the backend system as to the changes they need done and we manually go change the persons whois info on the domain.

    Whatever can be done in namecheap will be in the script. So I recommend that you signup for namecheap and have a look at the site (its free to signup)

    You would have complete control over the site from the backend system

    If you would like to see the script in action so far, contact me.

    We can also do any other design work.

    Our services at Subsektion Studios include:
    Logo Design
    Web Design
    Print Design (tshirts, business cards, posters, CD-ROM inserts/labels, etc.)
    PHP/Perl/ASP Coding including MySQL Backends

    We recently finished the site . We did a custom PHP News Administration Center, and did logo design, site design, print design, and banner design. We finished the site in 5 days. Fabrikated Media was our old name before I gathered more designers. The client has made some textual changes (Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions , and Partners with acunett , which throw the design off a bit) that we don't necessarily agree with, so please disregard those minor changes.

    We are all incredibly hard working, and will do everything in our power to deliver a stunning, original, web site. We are all dedicated to our work. We love our work, so that is a huge advantage for you, aswell as us.

    You can contact me by email: [email protected]
    AOL Instant Messenger: Subsektion
    You can PM me
    Or you can reply here.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of you,
    Noah @ Subsektion Studios

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    Sorry, it didn't attatch.

    here you go:
    Lead Designer @ SingleHop

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    You know, that's actually a pretty impressive template. When I went to that subdomain link, I wasn't sure if that was the one you inteded to sell . How much is this going for.
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