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    Pop Up/Under Ads- Junk Traffic?

    Does anyone have good luck with Pop-up/Pop-under traffic. It has been my experience that this traffic is complete junk. I would like to know if there are any good services anywhere?
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    You'll hardly get any sales using this method as the person was not seeking your site. Unless your site has some amazing offer that the user can't refuse, you'll probably fall short of the expectations you had for the ad campaign. I've tried it myself as a test and received poor results, well actually NO results, the only result was a higher bandwidth bill. Your results may vary, but I haven't heard of anyone who got solid sales from pop under advertising. It would be good to hear from someone who actually had positive results using this method of advertising. You could use it though for Brand Awareness if you are promoting a search engine, directory or some form of free site, but to expect sales isn't that likely.
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    not to mention most people close popups as soon as they see them.
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    we tried it about a year ago and paid $200 for 10,000 hits which took about 2 days and got nothing from it.

    Tried again month ago and paid $45 for 30,000 hits and not one of them even looked at different page than the pop up.

    I agree would only work if you were to promote a free service style site not for getting sales.

    Also the sites/programs that the pop up ads come from all seem to be dodgy sites like none nude porn or mp3 which is not going to get you good clients.
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    pop-ups / pop-unders are probably one of the most ineffective type of marketing for web hosting.

    People don't impulse buy web hosting - which is the most a pop-up could hope for. People investigate and do some research - when they need web hosting.

    Having your site come up in a pop-up makes it look cheap & desparate - hardly the type of image you want.

    As mentioned by abctracker - these could have value to promote (create brand awareness) of a free service.
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