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    Thumbs up Free Hosting With ViperHost & How To Get It! - Click For More Info

    How does free hosting for your website sound, good, right? Well, ViperHost has a way for your to get the hosting you need and keep it free by using our simple referral program. To sign up for our referral program, all you need to do is sign up for a hosting account with us and enter WHT in the Referral ID field and we will setup your account.

    All you have to do, to keep the hosting free of charge, is refer 1 person to our hosting services per month (regardless of which plan they purchase). When they sign up, you just need to make sure they enter your domain name in the Referral ID field (otherwise you will not get credit). You can refer as little as 1 customer per month up to however many you can refer, each referred customer will give you 1 month of free hosting with ViperHost!

    We have extended our money back guarentee to 30 days (previously 15 Days) as we are very sure you as well as any you refer will be pleased with our services and support offered. You can find full information on out plans here:

    Again, the ONLY thing you have to do is to refer at least 1 customer per month to us and your hosting will remain free. Should you not be able to refer any customers for any given month, you will be charged the normal hosting fee for your plan, for that month.

    The only downside to this deal, is we are only going to allow 10 more people to take advantage of this, after that, this deal will be gone. Get ahold of this deal while you can, most all of our current customers are taking advantage of this special and you should too .

    If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to [email protected] - I will be more than happy to answer all questions that you may have.

    Accounts Remaining 6/10

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