Hi, After a long period of search I am now considering two hosts with similar plans for a small web site.

- sarvihosting.com
- hostabox.com

Both have very good plans, and both seem to respond accurately and rapidly to inquiries. hostabox is slighly less expenssive, but I saw nothing about it on these forums, while sarvihosting has been mentioned here and some of these forums' users probably know more about them.

I have a second request: I prefer a host with an H-sphere control panel, but none of the plans I have found so far were good enough. These two have Cpanel. If you know about hosts who offer a plan with more than 1GB of traffic and with a fast network connection who also offer h-sphere for not more than $50 a year, please tell me about it before I sign up for a cpanel plan. The only good one I know is neureal.com, but it offers only 1GB for the price I am willing to pay and charges $4 for even the slightest exceeding of the quota.