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    Registra - A difference?

    I see a lot of people talking about price. Saving $5.00 a year is not important to me. Spending a few minutes to figure out how to change name server no big deal! I am not a reseller or hosting service but a web site owner. What is important to me is web site uptime. I understand that the registra is the root DNS. So if needs to be there for the local DNS servers to find if they need the IP to my domain.

    Is there a difference and which are the BEST as what is a few dollars a year. In the big picture it means nothing if I even loose 1 sale.

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    The problem is that the best registrars are much better than the most expensive ones. If you like your current registrar stay with them - unless they happen to be NetSol.

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    No, there is not a difference. All .com/.net/.org registrars update the same centralized DNS servers, so there is no difference in performance or uptime between all of the .com/.net/.org registrars.

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    I agree with ToastyX. Your website uptime is based on the uptime of the server that your website resides on (not the domain name registration company). If your website is inaccessible, there is a high probability that emails sent to your domain will be delayed or bounced back to the sender.

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