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    Lightbulb Software to Control Domains Need Data to polish

    Hi, i am the owner of around 1000 Domains, and until the last month was a nightmare take control about the expiration date. Domain Punch and other softwares, have problems with me, and i think with much others too.

    At the moment i have a functional Software focused to automated whois update and retrieval for track domains, including the manual control of domains without whois support in port 43, as example, .es .ar .bz

    In this moment i begin to call the bif Four (com net org and info) ICON Domains. Info+Com+Org+Net

    I have some surprises because not all registrars follow a format in the Domains, But Directi , answerable, Namesdirect and some other of the more important in size, work fine.

    Others function near perfect in org and infos, but have glitches in com and net and i try to get one com or net and one info or org in each of the principal Registrars.

    But, as example, dont accept my signup because i have primary spanish web sites, and anyway i need THE NAME ONLY of an org or info registered in fabulous, to polish my program.

    At the moment all function in majority of registrars, but have some problems :

    In ICON domains, Network Solution Is the worst i ever seen. Moniker, the second but with them i have a function in process and hacve the problem nearly resolved.

    In Non Icon Domains, .name Are the worst of worstest. Very few data and i think need be manual.

    By the way, at the moment i have without much problems ICON, us, biz and tv.

    NO ICON, Probably no support for GS, VG

    Country codes: Limited by registrar of the town, currently i manage .mx , .cl at the possibilities.

    The program have now many bell and whistles, and i think the next week i can give you a beta for windows, limited to 50 DOMAINS.

    My idea is give free for 50 or less, and in the future sell Ilimited Updates 7 USD yearly for 1000 domains 14 USD for 5000, with many many whistles.

    First phase is via Windows, but have already parts ported to SQL 2000 and PHP in Jodohost.

    My goal is in one year get around 250 users who pay for 250 of my domains.

    Next sunday i launch a site with forums.

    For the moment i need the name, if u can for :

    ENOM: Org
    NETSOL: Info
    WILD WEST: Info
    MONIKER: Info
    FABULOUS: Net org and info
    DOMAIN SITE: net
    SRSPLUS: Com net org info
    NETFIRMS: Com org info
    Joker: net org and info

    If dont want publish the name, pm me.

    If u have othe regiostrar tyo be contempled, say name, maybe is supported now at 100%

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    Thanks for the Help. At the moment, i am ready to do something more openly wide.

    The next Sunday, I put a more widely open test, running in a Windows enviroment,pointing to a sql server database in jodohost.

    I need more persons to want help me to test my software for domain development. Really is focused to people with more than 10 domains, i want make test with 360 domains in total. Then, if someone here have 12, 24 ,36 or 48 domains to help the test, is better.

    Why that number of domains? because is more simple to me make comparisons or statistics.

    I need mainly icon domains ( com net org and info ), but you can thow some us, biz, cc or name. The registrar and date of expire dont matter in any case.


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    Well, the beta seats are plenty fullfilled.

    I want say thanks to all. I am nmaking some fixes today fior the godaddy and registerfly issues, and seek you friday aprox.

    (Godaddy com and nets have not standards in owner data , and until now was a minor problem because are low % inf my tests)

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