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    DOS attack with SSH, anyway to stop it?

    This is something new I haven't seen before, a DOS attack with SSH. We HAVE the latest openssh-3.4p1 RPM. The DOS attack is preventing real ssh clients to enter in.

    My question is what would you recommend to stop or block out the ssh attack?
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    If you know who the DOS is coming can use something like iptables/ipchains to block the incoming or hosts.deny or lastly request your ISP to block the offending IP address
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    If you have a dedicated firewall, I imagine it would soon pick up on this and block them. Otherwise, as dandanfirema says, find the IP address in the correct log file, and add them to hosts.deny


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    if it's really hardcore contact your provider and have them block the ip upstream - that way you don't have to pay for the bandwidth.


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