I have helped out a few hosting companies in the past providing them with tech support in exchange for hosting for a few small, non-profit charity/organisation websites.

I require windows hosting since my current provider (swiftyhost) are going offline since they had not paid bills

I have experience with IIS5/Win2k Cpanel,Hsphere. The sites use very little space and are for organisations/charitys and my small portfolio website.

If possible I would like to have a resellers account as to add to a few more charity based sites I have coming up.

I also have experience in web design/development in ASP and PHP to an extent.

I would like to work in a support desk environment answering tickets remotely when logged.

Please consider me if you require any help with your support. I am available quite a large part of the day and what I see as convenient for US companies is that when you may be in bed, it is daytime in the UK and I can answer tickets.

If you do not have any requirements for a support person I would be grateful if you could offer to host these websites ( an anti-bullying website, local neighourhood watch and domestic violence website.

You can contact me via my profile or email [email protected] My portfolio (providing servers are still on) is available at http://terryjacobs.co.uk

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,
Terry Jacobs