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    Get as much "UNIQUE" traffic as you want - $2.00CPM


    I'm selling out all my unsold inventory for cheap. Take as much traffic as you want for $2.00CPM, higher orders will be cheaper. I have made many companies happy with my services, and currently have several clients running 1,000,000 unique campaigns running every month. We are concentrating on web hosting companies at this time, which is why we are offering this to Web Hosting Talk.

    Here are some demographics on the traffic:

    The traffic is delivered via pop-unders & expired domain names. The traffic is 92% to 95% US and Canadian Visitors. Also 5% to 8% UK and Australian Visitors. Duration 100% IP Unique visitors for the duration of the delivery. 90% of the traffic comes from Business, Computers and Internet related web sites which consist of webmaster sites, technology sites, etc.

    This offer is only valid through WebHostingTalk, so please contact:
    [email protected] to get your account set up. Also, if you have more questions, you can ask. Please mention "WHT" in your e-mail so you can get this price.

    Payments are accepted via: PayPal and (Credit Card Processor).

    CONTACT: [email protected]
    Kaumil P.

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    Just curious...what good is traffic -that indeed occurs by forcing pop unders- when most of the time the following two things occur:

    1. The visitor keeps browsing for quite longer and at the point where they close their browser and the pop-under comes into focus: a) they are pretty much done browsing b) there are other pop-unders

    2. Visitors get angry at the pop-unders and don't click anyway.

    Sure one gets hits but what good is blind traffic - that counts towards one's monthly quota?

    Personally I would rather click on a regular 468x68 banner than a pop-under, that became notorious with the X10 cams.

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    Can you point me to the companies that are HAPPY?
    Blue Optic .:. Web Solutions

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    If you have 468x60 banner space, i'd love to advertise, but popups are not very effective imo. I've never in my life have ever actually clicked a popup or a popunder except for the X button.
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