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    * NEED LARGE AMOUNTS OF TRAFFIC! Big and SMALL! READ! Need NOW! Alot of money to spend!


    I need LARGE amounts of traffic to my site.. I have a couple media sites.

    I am looking for 120x120 banners, Text links, Video Plugs,
    ANYTHING you have!

    I have alot of money to spend, and need this NOW!

    All sites BIG and SMALL! I need this now.. Dont delay!

    AOL - ebizcraftsman


    what advertisement types you have
    HOW MUCH IT WILL SEND <--- VERY important.. Hosting & Web Design

    Advertise your hosting company here!!

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    i have site with 14,000 pageviews daily
    alexarank 28.000

    i have popup - page enetr - 5000 page views daily guarnteed - $50/mo
    popup - page exit - 8000 page views daily guarnteed - $70/mo

    banner 468x60 - 1000 - 2000 pageviews daily guarnteed $35/mo
    banner 150x50 - $25/mo

    if u have in mind a custom package that u want , just let me know

    PM if intersted or send mail to
    admin (AT)

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    I'm selling ad space but it's not going to get you nearly as much as the previous poster in terms of visitors.... however it's only $5/month.

    PM me if you want more info.

    I get a little bit over 1,000 visitors /month

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    I'm running a online game site , Visitors age -> 12 - 30 years old , Male And female
    Monthly UNIQUE visitor 5,000~6,000 and 1,000,000+ Page Views !

    Daily Page View - 5,000 ~ 8,000
    Daily Hit - 30,000 ~ 50,000

    Price starts from
    $25/month ( 120x120 - Floating,Left side of the forum )
    $30/month (486x60 - 1st post of each topic in forum )
    $50/month ( 720x80 - Banner in forum )

    site - www [dot] zonestudio [dot] net
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    I have a MMA hobby site that is gaining popularity very fast. Only 1 month old and already is reaching past 3k uniques a month. Soon to hit 5k and hopefully 10k in another month.

    Since Its new, Im just testing the waters. Selling text link for only $5/mo. You'd be the first of any advertiser.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    Can you PM me the URL of the website you wish to advertise. I have a few high traffic entertainment websites.

    I can sell text links only sitewide.

    PM me if you're interested (don't post your reply to this thread).


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    Might want to check us out at we have an advertising section under our pages section

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    Site: online game + some other minor sites.

    Ad placement: 468x60 bottom banner (above or below the fold, depending on the page), at the moment only one banner per page (but I reserve the right to add second ad soon).

    Traffic quality: 60% US+UK+Canada, 80% North America+Europe, no China traffic.

    Total traffic: around 4,000,000 page views per month (no auto refreshing, no robots, etc), but only 500,000-1,000,000 available for sale (depending on the price). Around 40,000-50,000 uniques.

    "HOW MUCH IT WILL SEND <--- VERY important.." - I have no clue, I only know how many people visit the site, not how many would click on your banner

    Example packages:
    468x60 banner, 100,000 impressions, price $25 (CPM $0.25) per month
    468x60 banner, 250,000 impressions, price $50 (CPM $0.20) per month
    468x60 banner, 500,000 impressions, price $90 (CPM $0.18) per month
    The impressions will be spread evenly, so these won't run out in one day, banner will be visible each day for the whole month. I prefer if the banner is hosted on your machine so you can track stats.

    I'm very concerned with the quality of ads, have to be appropriate for all audiences (no gambling, pharmaceutic, financial pyramid schemes, etc). Need to see the target site first.

    I have never sold adverts individually yet, so everything can be negotiated.

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    We can show your banner around 12,000 times/day for 200.00/mo in the
    728x90 Footer Banner on our front-end's main pages and our Webmaster
    discussion board

    This generally will send around 200 visits per week.

    We have an alexa rank around 10,000. We have other options available
    if you need more traffic. I am sure we could send you several thousand
    hits per day. Send me a PM if you're interested.


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    I am running a site called Managerglory. It is an online soccer manager game with users from all over the world. The game has a lot of space for banners in different sizes or text links. The banners can be in placed into the game in a naturally way as match sponsors, stadium sponsors and so on.

    If you're interested in a advertising on the site take a look at and get back to me so we can start the discussion how to promote your site. I'll of course give you the stats you want.

    Kindly Regards

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    Hello if your interested. I am running a free web hosting network; your ads will be viewed server wide; meaning exposure on every website; currently over 125, PM me if your interested. All prices are negotiable. Text links come in cheap as $10.

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    We have a proxy network of more than 5 sites.

    More than one lac impressions and about 5000 unique visitors per day. Please contact us for the pricing if interested. The ads will be placed on the header of the proxified pages.

    Two of the sites are

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    we have pretty good traffic for a new website many edu links and many more coming the price will go up soon

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    you can place your banner at my website ..We have 3 google page rank..

    Cost of banner will be $10 per month..

    u can email me at

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