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    Script that can manage Company News

    I am looking for a PHP script that can't manage my company news. I would like to show just the headlines in a section on the front page and then when an item is clicked it takes them to the page with the entire entry.

    Anyone recommend a script for this?


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    Sorry I can't offer much advice on PHP news scripts but if you do decide to choose Perl instead, remember to check our NewsPro or News Publisher both I have used before and are very good
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    i am sure that has one.

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    Originally posted by whw
    i am sure that has one.
    One? I'm sure they've got hundreds
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    Originally posted by whw
    i am sure that has one.
    Don't take offence, but I think quite of us know about hotscripts, anyway what I find is that sometimes when people ask for recommendations for scripts they just tell you to look at, they are quite a few there so when people ask for recomendations is probably because they don't just wnat to try half of them to find a reasonable good one. Just my 2cents

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