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    Quick way to get (current) spam

    Hi. I'm looking for a quick way to get spam. I need to test several e-mail filters, and I need the most current spam. What I mean by current is it should not be old spam (like nigeria bank accounts and such, although they still do come once in a while). If you know of sites that do spam subscriptions, let me know. Thanks.

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    i understand what you doing and it makes sence.. however that has got to me one of the strangest requestions i have ever seen.

    "i want spam"


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    lol, yeah thats funny request...

    i would post to newsgroups, give your email address to people who offer something for free like calling cards, whatever and you will start getting spam I have one hotmail account which gets like 30 spam emails everyday.

    good luck

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    Yes, I did those. I went to several "newsletter" type submissions and I'm getting these emails. However, it's somehow slow and I don't have time to fill-in forms and subscribe to those lists. I remember I submitted a site for a directory listing and I got about 400+ spam mails. But that was a long time ago and I do not have the link anymore.

    I'm basically complicated regex matching script in PHP, and for performance speed tests I need a lot of mails.

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