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    will work for small trade ;)

    Hello all,

    I am currently working on opening my web hosting division
    as secondary income.
    As in doing so I have found that teachin myself web design prolly just wont cut it.
    I have done a few small sites but nothin real professional..
    My first site Hosting Site just started
    Just as examples of my work... will u plz tell me if it sux?!

    Anyway I am a MCP+I for windows2000 Resume (not formatted to this arena so forgive)
    I have over 6 yrs IT Support Exp in Corprate enviorments.
    Limited Linux exposure ( have Installed OS's like redhat and mandrake configured apache and actaully got it working ... is my only "apache setup config) exp. however it is on windows 2000 (how u like that for irony) (and it was customers choice not mine).

    I am seriously wanting to learn what I may be in store for and what kinda issues come up.
    I prolly am not the best choice for anything to adv in linux,
    however I do learn fast and am smart enuff to know how to search for answers
    I am able to do this for at least next 2mtnhs and am can be available anytime(s) you may need and am willing to do it in exchange for two things:

    A nice template and company logo's/gfx's designed for both my brands of web hosting!!!!!

    Plz serious inquiry's only!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not bad at all

    Actually, I like what you have done so far on both your designs....nice, clean....repeat, clean.....repeat, clean....designs. A very good start.

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    I agree with Incongnito. You are not off ot a bad start at all. Maybe you should make a request to the forums on how you could improve the designs because you already have a good foundation to build on.

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    Wow Thnks!!! Appreciate it!!
    I still need gfx help at least for hosting site...I suck at it
    I'm afraid its still a bit to "common" looking and I would like to have an orginal look.

    Ok then I will change request for service to:
    Help automating site...
    As in I need a DB for customer info updated w each order. seperate DB for biz records i have Db but its access2002 format, it would need to be converted or rebuilt in Mysql.
    then integrated into site that will be using hostcharge as CC processor and h-sphere as control panel (if either of those amke a difference??)

    thanks again,

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    I didn't want to visit it - you were too hesitant
    Truth is it's better than all of mine, and most sites mentioned recenly - just don't rush and good luck to you.

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