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    Lightbulb Front Page Password Change.

    We found a long debate about how to change the front page password. The most opinions went for stopping the front page service then reintialize it again which may cause some problems for the scripts. We found a better way by changing the password through the front page program itself and the password changed successfully, but we need to know if this way is secure and feasible. Any opinion....!?


    I'm sorry for my poor English..

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    How did you exactly do it?

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    I have observed the following when dealing with FrontPage:
    1) Shutting down and Re-Adding Frontpage to a site tends to screw up things like scripts
    2) Frontpage has to be tricked about CGI scripts
    3) The frontpage passwords/groups are usually stuck in the following files:

    The files exist for each subweb as well.
    The PWD files can be edited with any .htaccess editor. The GRP files can be edited like a normal group file.

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    While I am at it:

    To change the password for an active user from within frontpage, log into the server as that user, goto Tools, then Security, Then Change Password.

    As an administrator you can goto Tools, Security, Permissions to add/remove access for administration, authoring, etc. But you cannot change passwords without deleting and re-creating the accounts.

    To change a password you could always edit the password file in my previous post.

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    In Frontpage:

    Tools > Server > Password

    Fill in the box to change from old to new and there you go.

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