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    * MFH Script v1.2[Launch your profitable file hosting site]

    Mega File Hosting Script(MFHS) is an advanced File Hosting Script that allows your customers to upload large files to your server and email the file download link to themselves and other email recipients.

    With MFHS, you can setup an advanced file hosting site within minutes and earn profits through showing advertisements on your site, and even on download pages.

    Mega File Hosting Script was Built to Handle Large files (500M +) and is designed to be of minimal burden on your server. MFHS has been rigorously tested and designed to handle brutal file sizes and endure lengthy uploading periods without breaking. This alone sets MFHS world's apart from any competing script.

    MFHS provides a number of unique features, including Multi Server Balancing, and an Advanced Download Manager. MFHS comes E-Commerce Ready with PayPal Integration and plenty of tools such as FAQs & Newsletter Managers to get new customers - and keep them.

    MFHS has been oriented towards Generating Revenue for it's webmasters. It not only has a friendly and easy to use front end, but it also contains a great backend to administer your site. MFHS is also very easy to integrate into existing websites!

    Demo: demo/demo


    New features in MFHS v1.2:
    1. Language system:
    Edit language file via webform
    Static language page for adsense purpose: Mod-rewrite required. But this feature can be turned off from admin panel.
    2. Folder features
    Allow guest or member to create folders or not.
    Password protection on folders.
    Folder manager available.
    3. Download promotion feature.
    a). How it works:
    First, you need create some download rules based on host package and possible download country. X points will be recorded for per download from the download country by member who belong to the host package.
    Second, the points will be added togther to get total points for the member. Note: this is not instant, and will be updated per hour.
    Third, you need create download promotions based on host package. Members can use his points to upgrade or extend his membership, even exchange money out. All this depend on your setting of promotion.
    b). IP to Location by MaxMind.
    c). Download rules
    Can set download points for per download from download country
    Can limit max allowed downloaded size for download country per hour.
    d). Use points
    upgrade or extend current membership
    or payout for downloads
    4. Download limition:
    a). Improve performance of getfile.php
    b). Record download logs by day
    c). Limit download bandwidth per hour and limit bandiwdth by location
    d). Detect if download is from proxy server, and disable it if it is disabled in admin panel.
    e).View active download session by admin panel
    f). Allow direct download by
    5. Upload improvement:
    a). Support IIS server
    b). Change temporary directory by admin panel
    c). Can keep extention or not
    d). Flash progress bar available[turn on/off from admin panel]
    e). Impoved progress bar
    f). Change upload directory
    g). Allowed/disabled file type based on host package.
    h). Hide or disable upload methods based on host package.
    6.Multiple language for FAQ and site news
    7.Admin logins strict check: 3 times login fails will disable login for 15 mins
    8.Impoved thumbnail creation:
    Thumbnail configuration by admin panel>servers>edit
    9.Set expired package for members who are expired. MFHS v1.1 use guest package.
    10. Show guest package on service.php and register page
    11. Captcha checking for report and contact page.[can be turned on/off]
    12. Show or hide description and password for file upload
    13. License system: We changed way of licensing. Fail license validation will only limit some features of admin panel. For example, you will not manage, such as add,edit, delete, host packages, but you still can view list of host packages. Disabled features include: Host package,servers, site configuration and payment gateway.
    14. Improved multiple server setup feature:
    a). Auto setup by scripts
    b). Manual installation: you can download a install script for secondery from admin panel and upload the script to your secondery server to make installation.
    15. 2checkout gateway added!

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    Stephen,what I do not understand why are you posting so much Advertising for your script if you dont have the time to visit your own site.

    1. Forums read/write access for possible costumers are restricted only in the "Pre-Sales Questions"

    2. You offer no phone or less messenger support in case of emergency .

    Note: Please wait up to 8 hours for to process the order, and after payment, contact us with the order ID from along with your username from our client area. Once your order is validated, you will be able to download the scripts from the client area.
    Thats not true !

    everyone knows that process the order immediately.

    Paid but still no license ! - Today, 10:05 AM

    I have purchased the Mega File Hosting script ID #1322 and paid through 2checkout. Order status is still incomplete. Ive used the "Contact Us" form in the client area and didnt get any response yet.

    Please check asap. Thanks !
    Payment from 05-22-2007. since more than 24 hours still not confirmed.

    To bad for business


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    Sorry for our delay reply. I did not check this post in past 3 days because I am on travel, but we moniter our support forums every day.

    There are 2 things to explain:
    1. I replied your email at 05-24-2007.

    Your order has been activated. Please login client area to download the script.

    After you send payment, fraudent department of will validate your creditcard payment. This is not instant! Usually, this takes 8+ hours to finish. Then will send us a email with review results. Below is your order review email from 2corecieved at 05-23-2007)
    Dear Vendor

    This is an automated notice that we have completed
    our review on a batch of orders for your account 5xxxx7.

    PASSED: Please ship the following orders.
    Vendor ID Order ID Comments
    5xxxx7 3xxxxxxx6
    Of course, we can activate your order instantly once you send payment, but this is not secure for our business.Every month, we recieved lots of fraudent payments that can't pass the fraudent validation.

    Because we replied your email, we ignore your PM at support forum. We thought you should get our email and go to download scripts from client area.

    2. Most of our forums are only open to clients only. This is our business, sorry!

    Once your order is active, you can activate your forum account at client area to get full forum access. Then you will view all forums and get forum support.

    We are not a US-based company and now we think email and forum support works fine for our customer and us. We provide support via MSN for part of customers, but we don't recommend this method.

    Anyway, we sincerely apologize for your inconvenience!

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