San Jose Colo - Equinix 11 Great Oaks

Available NOW:
cabinets with 2 x 20 amp x 120 volt power
cabinets with 1 x 30 amp x 208 volt power

Above based on one year contract

** call for pricing **

Equinix Ashburn - SOLD!!


PCCWGlobal / BTNAccess

Great routes to Asia plus a strong US backbone.
PCCW Global bandwidth available via fastE or Gige in select Equinix datacenters.
1 year term, minimum 30 megs on a fastE, minimum 100 megs on a GigE
We will beat anyones pricing on PCCW bandwidth!
Minimum 100 megs on a Gige -- $15/mbps
100 mbps on a FastE -- $15/mbps
1 year term