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    Good and Cheap Host


    I am looking for a good and cheap host (<$8 / month) that has the following:

    300MB+ disk space
    10+ e-mail addresses via IMAP
    2000MB+ transfer
    MySQL / Perl / PHP
    Webmail / SSH

    Does anyone know of any good, reliable hosts that fits this criteria? I can't seem to find any good hosts that support IMAP e-mail, and the one that I am using now only allows one simulataneous IMAP connection at a time. Since I use Outlook to check multiple e-mail addresses, I constantly have problems accessing the server.

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    You could try posting this in the Hosting Request Forum. Under the terms and conditions for this forum, web hosters are not allowed to advertise their business and thus cannot respond to your request. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Not sure hosts can direct people to the Requests forum either...
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    Re: Good and Cheap Host

    Originally posted by chrislam
    Does anyone know of any good, reliable hosts that fits this criteria?
    If they post this, please do not suggest they post in the requests forum. If they post a request for hosting, please report it and it will be moved. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    2,612 i have 2 sites with them, great support and the owner is a frequent poster on this forum .. SWR

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