We are now providing UK based FTP,SFTP and rsync based backup accounts hosted on our own RAID-5 arrays within our secure cage at the BlueSquare datacentre.

Why the UK?

If you have your hosting in the US having a backup in the UK will give you geographical redundancy adding one more layer of protection to your data


We are currently supplying the following packages which include unmetered transfer.

10GB - 5/mo - $10/mo
50GB - 15/mo - $30/mo
100GB - 25/mo - $50/mo
500GB - 110/mo - $220/mo
1,000GB - 200/mo - $400/mo

To order please email your name, address and the package you want to to [email protected] and you will be given a link to our order system to pay.

All prices are + VAT for EU residents at 17.5%.


Rus Foster