Howdy WHT Surfers,

Due to other obligations I have been forced to consider selling my website. For privacy purposes I have decided not to release the URL publically, so please PM me for the URL.

Site Type: Bikini TGP
Current Traffic: ~3000 uniques per day
Current BW: ~10GB per month
No. Daily Gallery Posts: ~10
Monthly Rev: ~$100USD**

** - Monthly revenue is earned from selling memberships to a "cheerleader" type pay site. Using this sponsor we have made $90 in the past 20 days, and this is without recurring billing. There are currently 3 members that signed up under us with a recurring package. If these members remain members until next month it will add another $80USD on top of next months principle revenue. Using recurring billing, coupled with higher levels of traffic, high levels of monthly revenue can be easily achieved.

The website is completely automated, using php scripts for both traffic trading and gallery handling/submissions.

The minimum amount that I would consider selling this site for is USD$500.

Lucas Internet Solutions