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    hosting needed (asp/MS SQL/file-upload)

    Hi, i need a host which offers following;
    - ASP
    - Secured Webdirectories
    - MS SQL
    - win nt/2000 (- internet information service)
    - diskspace 100 mb (and/or upgradable)
    - datatrafic ; high (and/or upgradable)
    - Guest FTP or alternative way for file upload for registered users

    I've been told in USA hosting is cheaper (then in Netherlands) since datatraffic and diskspace are "higher"
    I've found local options for 40/month so would like something much less to consider USA host..

    anybody any tips

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    Try posting in the hosting requests forum. You'll get tons of answers I'm sure.

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    Just a note, if you have a website which you want speed and stabilty, use a windows host for ASP

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    I wouldn't use ASP anymore, I'd switch to the .NET framework. Anything that ASP can do, ASP.NET can do better.

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