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    Could ya'll take a look at one or two of my clients sites. Their target markets are people who most likely have DSL so the sites are a bit graphical but I tried to balance it out. The load time with 56K is still reasonable for those with moderately short attention spans.

    My big concern is small/huge monitors and browsers that don't handle tables well.


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    The first one didnt come up so I couldnt review it. I like the second one. It gets the job done for what you are trying to accomplish. Nicly done for your the market you are targeting.
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    First one said the URL failed.

    The second is pretty good. It's simple and illustrates the company well. A couple things though, what's the purpose of the splash page? To me, it's just a wasted click for the users and one more chance for them to go somewhere else. I would just go right to the first page, or present the user with some sort of information on it (slogan). Not a big fan of the rollovers, the "raised" and "lowered" button affect was big in the 90's when the actual button phase was going on, I think a color change or some other affect would look better (just my opinion). Also, you have a broken image on Move in Solutions. Looks good otherwise.
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