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    Lightbulb CC Fraud horror stories ...

    OK -- I wanted to hear your horror stories (you know you've got em if you've been in this business more than 6 months).

    Here's the one I want you to top (and I have no doubt some of you can):

    One person signs up for 3 accounts with 3 seperate credit cards yesterday -- all appearing legit, with card verification numbers and everything -- and then proceeds to START SCANNING 3COM'S NETWORK. Needless to say, when I caught the a****les that were doing this, I promptly processed refunds and threw them off my server. I got 3 very polite (but terse) email messages from 3COM (by way of my upstream provider, of course) that I had to apologize for and explain today.

    I hate frauders.

    Let's hear your stories.

    Dan Esparza
    CagedTornado web services

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    I got frauded $15 000 in 5 days, lost my merchant account and couldn't get another in Australia indefinantly wooh

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    PayPal - Got frauded for 4 seperate accounts - Yearly payments all transfering from account to account through PayPal. PayPal have frozen my account and still continue to till this day.. I think banks and others such as PayPal have to understand that we cannot stop someone from cheating the system.. that is the banks/paypals job!

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