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    RSS is the "RDF Site Summary" or "Rich Site Summary" format.

    An RSS file is an XML file that news or weblog sites provide that you can load and then process to generate a list of headlines from that site for inclusion in your site.

    See this google directory category for more info.

    Tons of tech sites provide them, and some outfits like will sell you a service to provide them. The biggies like CNN seem to be sitting on the sidelines. CNN currently provides an empty RSS file.

    It seems this shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. After all, what you're doing is driving traffic to their site. They should be happy !

    Is anyone providing "general" news headlines on their site ? How are you doing it ? This would be a big plus for some of my customers and prospects.

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    Can anyone suggest a forum where there might be more information or livelier discussion on this subject ?

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