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    Thumbs down Overture Is Out Of Control

    THIS IS INSANE... OVERTURE is out of control. I am getting ready to boycott them forever.

    I recently spent 3 hours in their horrible interface submitting keywords - guess how many got approved... ZERO, NOT A ONE.

    For non-sense reasons like, the title on my site had one to many capital letters, my listings weren't targeting local customers (of which my online advertising is not geared locally), and they claimed I was specifying false prices - my ad said as low as $4.99 per month - as does my website home page - but overture said this was "deceiving".

    They are rejecting TONS of legitimate ads and using VERY subjecting review personnel to 'optimize' their profits.

    I hate to give this type of advice, but please consider taking your business elsewhere - unless you want the headaches of this company.

    There must be a better way...
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    Ya this happened to me too. In one instance I tried to get the keywords "phpnuke hosting" and so on and they told me those were not legitimate. I explained what phpnuke was etc but they said it didn't relate to me. I promptly asked for a refund and will never use them again.
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    Lots of people are exaggerating their offers and/or hiding prices deep within their TOS. As a result lots of people end up feeling cheated and mislead. This is why they're not allowing such descriptions.

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