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    A Note from Clint Page, Dotster President

    Just wanted to pass this along.

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    Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 7:13 PM
    Subject: A Note from Clint Page, Dotster President -- We need your support!

    > July 12, 2002
    > Dear Dotster Customers,
    > I am writing you today to let you know of some potentially harmful changes
    > that are being proposed for the domain name registration industry. These
    > changes, if adopted, would restrict consumer choice, cause domain pricing
    > to drastically increase, and re-create the monopolistic atmosphere that
    > once existed in our industry when Network Solutions (now VeriSign) was the
    > only game in town. Dotster, and other smaller registrars, need your
    > to help us maintain the healthy, competitive environment that currently
    > exists today.
    > First, let me give you a little background on this issue. At the end of
    > 2001, VeriSign proposed to ICANN a Domain Name Wait Listing Service (WLS)
    > as a way to manage the registration of expiring domain names (for those of
    > you unfamiliar with ICANN, this is the organization that was established
    > several years ago to govern the domain industry when the Network Solutions
    > monopoly was broken up). This proposal includes a partnership between
    > VeriSign and SnapNames, a competitor to Dotster and other registrars in
    > secondary domain market sector. This proposed partnership would
    > eliminate all other competition in the secondary market, thereby
    > eliminating your choices and the competitive alternatives that currently
    > exist. At the recent ICANN meetings in Bucharest, it was determined that a
    > final position regarding the proposal must be decided by the end of this
    > month.
    > Dotster strongly opposes this proposal as harmful to the consumer and the
    > entire domain registration industry. I recently wrote a letter to Marilyn
    > Cade, Chair of ICANN's WLS Task Force, to express Dotster's position on
    > proposal. The entire letter is available for review by clicking the link
    > below, and I encourage you to review it and consider the implications that
    > adopting this proposal would place on the entire domain name system. How
    > will it affect you?
    > Letter to Chair of WLS Task Force:
    > We need your support! If you agree with Dotster's stance on this issue,
    > please let me know. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] to share your
    > comments and support. We are currently in a 10-day comment period, and we
    > need your comments before the end of July. In addition, I ask that you
    > your opinion at the ICANN WLS forum at:
    > and participate in the petition against WLS at:
    > Thank you for your continued support of Dotster. VeriSign is an industry
    > giant, but banded together it is my hope that we can preserve an
    > environment that fosters innovation and healthy competition for the
    > of you, the consumer.
    > Sincerely,
    > Clint Page
    > President, Dotster Inc.
    > [email protected].
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    well, I also snail mailed ICANN... stop the WLS!!!

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