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    Exclamation 2 Slick template for sale!!

    Hi guys, i have 2 templates for sale! And for a limited time i will slice into html format for free!

    Each template includes: psd, gif, ttf (s), and html files.

    *Customizations are... FREE!
    *Payment must be through pay pal.


    Template 1: (price has been slashed!) from

    * $50 to $25 ! (no bid)
    view it here:


    Template 2: (NEW! HOT!)

    * Bid starts at $25, Buyout price is $50.
    view it here:


    Thanks! Vitren Web.
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    I get "Page cannot be displayed" on the second....


    EDIT: works now..
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    * fixed

    lol sorry, fixed it.

    Also i hope i didnt cause any confusion on template 1, the pricee is 25$.

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    The second one is very nice. Good luck selling
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    $25? How do you plan to make any money on that? They are oth very good templates and I would have thought you should be able to get at least $60+ for each of them if you marketed elsewhere. They must have taken a few hours to create and so $25 doesn't seem a lot to cover this.

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    Have you got a new username? I know for a fact that the person who made these goes by the handle Arsenic I think. (I may be wrong but he registered ages ago and has more posts)

    Not to mention is on my hosting account

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    Ouch, I hope so
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