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    Advertising on WHT, and Results?

    Have any of the companies that are advertising on WHT, seen dramatic results from it?

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    i heard at one point that when someone stopped thier advertising here thier sales dropped 30% but other then that i have never heard any other info.

    Would be interesting to know...

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    I don't think many hosts are going to reveal how much success they had. Don't want to encourage too many others to follow suit should the results be favourable. IMO, a product that supports web hosts rather than a webhosting product would sell better here. But that would depend on the amount of causual newbies floating through from WHT's advertising at the moment. Just my thoughts. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    yeah if you were selling a control panel or something like that.. something that where the target audience was web hosts i think you would do extremley well.

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