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    Satisfied AllureHost customer

    I am SO GUILTY of being the 1st to complain, write emails, and tell my circle of friends every time I encounter bad service or product. It's almost like I'm too critical and never have anything good to say about a company.

    Well, I'm taking my first steps here to correct that and at the same time give other WHT members a honest review of AllureHost.

    I've been with them for about 2 months now. I purchased their hosting based on the reviews on WHT, and I noticed John from AH would respond rather quickly to these posts here. So I thought I'd give them a shot since my previous hosts' servers were annoyingly slow.

    The first thing I noticed was their offer to do a cPanel to cPanel transfer of my entire website. I signed up and my account was set up in a matter of minutes. I then took them up on their offer to transfer my site. For some reason or another they couldn't do the transfer but instead they did a complete backup on my old host and restored my site on the AH server! They even backed up and restored a MySQL db I had! The amazing thing though: this was done in a matter of minutes!

    I've had some minor questions, so I used their helpdesk. Once again, their response time is incredible! I've found the responses to be well-written and (most important) address my concern fully.

    Seriously, I don't work for AH and I'm not getting paid to write this review. I just want to tell others of my experience and I hope this helps if someone here is looking for an excellent host with superb customer service.
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    Glad to hear things are going good! What domain do you have hosted with them?
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    Hi jmweb,
    I'd rather not say publicly because it's an online store. I don't want to give the impression that I'm trying to drive traffic to my site.
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    You can use so the moderators can check it out

    Edit: Never mind, I got it from your email address Confirmed.
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    We appreciate you taking the time to post about our services here on WHT. We hope to keep you a satisfied customer .
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    glad to hear positive review, thanks for sharing it with and keep us posted - Premium Hosting Solutions Since 2006
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    Always nice to read positive reviews, written by old forum members.
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    Thank you for the review...I know it is a little out dated but still nice to find genuine positive review. Helps my search.
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    Thanks for sharing your review. Great to see AllureHost is taking care of you and GJ to John.
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