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    Exclamation ::Complete:: Unique hosting site for sale


    our old design now for sale.

    its not template but full working website .. including:

    Home page
    pages for shared hosting, reseller and dedicated servers
    pages ready with rollovers, clean html made by GoLive
    complete multi pages form to mail for order
    terms, contact, service guarantee pages
    Free copy of CD-Plus pro ( whois lookup tool $99 value )

    in brief its ready to upload and sell site

    sample shots ( low res JPEG .. each 220k + ) :

    home page:
    reseller page:
    order page:

    no bids ... only 1 low price $350

    no credit cards, payment will send using WesternUnion
    you will take the site as is .. we will not customize it at all

    if intersting email me at [email protected]

    Thanks all

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    It's nice, but IMO not that nice...

    Start the bidding at maybe $200-250 tops.
    - Nick Mahon
    Professional Web Development

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    hey .. you are Web Designer and know well how much this cost

    this is complete web hosting site .. with order forms, plans, whois lookup .. even with terms page.

    its not a PSD image sliced in ImageReady and go ...

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    I know, it's just that people will be intimidated by the asking price. If you start lower, more people will bid and you will work up to the price (if this one is an auction, that is).

    Just my opinion. Nice template
    - Nick Mahon
    Professional Web Development

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    Its a nice design, but I think it would take a lot of customisation by the person who bought to fit to their hosting business as every one is unique. I think also that marketing it on here for that price will not get much interest. I agree with the previous post that the price should come down to $250 and work up. Also, you say payments by Western Union, they charge extortionate prices, something like 20% to send payments, so this would put the price up by another $70 for the buyer.

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    no problem about the western union .. i can accept credit card directs.

    but price i think its the min. customization is needed in any templates. but you can use GoLive to search thrue all pages to replace Sterlet.NET in all pages by your domain name in 10 sec .. or i can do that for you + 1 image in the top of page. and nothing more

    but geting full website at least will save your time checking broken links and make Java scripts to check form fields and so on

    it will be great deal for REAL webmaster seek a design

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