URL : http://www.A1Photographer.com

Nice Domain Name included.

Custom Design and Custom Logo Design included. .ai file of the logo will be provided and .psd of the design as well.

Very HIGH Quality Photographs. (You get 100% rights to these Photographs)

More than 2100 photographs on sale. Now photographs are being sold as Rights-Managed Photographs you may want to change them and sell as Royalty Free Photographs as well.

Admin section built in PHP/MySQL : You can add photographs, add keywords for search (presently keyword search is disabled, buyer can enable it). Get details of who utilised the Free Downloads. Who utilised the Tell your Friend facility. Change price from the Panel.

Payments being received via PayPal. Photographs available for download immediately after purchase.

Can be on our server for 1 month even after purchase, during which the buyer should arrange the transfer.

Submitted to more than 250 directories.

Adsense duly placed.

Starting BID: $4,000
BIN : $10,000

Payment via PayPal.

Let the offers come in


I am the ONLY person with the sale rights. I am the Photographer myself.

Site has been launched just about 10 months back. Have been trying to submit to search engines and directories since.

Not much traffic. Sold just about 50 photographs (which have been removed from the present site) since. This site can work well if advertised well. I donot have much time and finances to advertise this. I will prefer to do more photography instead .... which I may sell to the new site owner later

Adsense also added to the revenue by about $5 ... not much

The cost of inventory is worth several times than the Starting Bid.

Several sites sell single Rights Managed images for more than $500 each.

You can use this site and sell images at the price that you decide.


Others sell Rights-Managed Photographs for more than $500 each.

Even if you sell at $50 each (i.e 1/10th of the price) and you can sell 1,000 (assuming that you only have ONLY 50% success in selling the photographs) you get $50,000.

So if you want You may have a huge advertising budget of $5,000 to generate the kind of sale you want. Even then you make a huge profit.

After 5 years you again get the opportunity to sell these images, so this gives you recurring income.

If you can sell more than that you make more.

Unlike other websites here the buyers will be able to use the photographs as many times as they want in a given period. Thus the buyers are getting much more value for money when compared to your competitors.

You can keep on adding more photographs later on if you want. You may accept Custom Assignments from enquiries.

The Script, Design, Logo etc. comes free.