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    Hello All,

    I'm currently working on an alternative root domain name venture, co-workers and I have already created the control panel, who-is server, database and proxy & active x plugins in order to run this venture.

    Living and working in Australasia (Australia & New Zealand) we have decided to launch there selling new tlds such as .KIWI (A term commonly used to refer to New Zealanders and .OZ (Oz/Aus). The venture is planned to be like even though our system is much better.

    Although we have created the system we are as many Australasian IT companies under-capitalized therefore we just don't have the US$ to run this venture on a server.

    If you haven't already realized we are currently looking for a partner in the venture preferably someone running a datacenter in the US, UK,AU ect. We expect that our tlds will sell well in New Zealand and Australia especially .OZ which Australians are likely to choose over .AU due to the fact auDA has made the namespace highly regulated.

    Please contact me via email ([email protected]) or this form .

    Kind Regards,
    Dominic O'Hare

    Managing Director
    Australasian Internet Marketing (NZ) Limited.

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    Nice idea but all it will do is piss people off in the end. I've had to deal with way 2 many people who got a domain and then asked me why other people couldn't see it. Its nothing short of a rip off espically if your going to try and market it to the main stream public.
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    yep, kind of like, only not an original idea.

    Sorry if I could like a grouch, but these fake TLD's do cause more trouble than they're worth. I'm sure you'll explain that they're only buying a pointed subdomain right? seems to have accidently left that off their site.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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