View Poll Results: How many clients do you host on each of your servers?

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  • 0-50 clients/server

    4 12.90%
  • 50-100 clients/server

    7 22.58%
  • 100-150 clients/server

    9 29.03%
  • 150-200 clients/server

    11 35.48%
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    How many clients/server?

    Hi all

    Inspired by another thread here, I'd like to know how many customers you people got on each of your servers?


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    Three comments:
    1. What do you mean by client? Site? Domain? Account?
    2. The number of accounts completely depends on the type of accounts, 1 Yahoo weights more than 1000 static one-page HTML sites
    3. Your poll ranges only up to 200 - far to less for small sites.

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    4. It also depends on what kind of server we're talking about. A dual P3 1GHz with 2GB RAM and (RAID?) SCSI drives can handle A LOT more than a P3 1GHz with 256MB RAM and a single IDE drive.

    I gree with point 3, this poll is very limited. I know people that put 600+ clients on each server because the accounts they sell are simply very small.

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    Agreed. It's not possible to gain any valuable information from this poll due to the dynamics of all factors involved.

    I've got one community server that hosts the normal amount of accounts but also has a couple thousand parked domains on it. That server could in no way handle a thousand 'web sites' but certainly is not having any problems handling a couple thousand "parked pages". I have another in same the situation only its addition is redirected domains rather than parked...
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    Yep. Your poll might have been easier to respond to, if it wasn't a poll.

    And, as others above have mentioned, the question can't really be answered.
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    How many customers can I put on a server?? Simple.. Till its full
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    Perfect strategy for a bad host : buy a domain name for not more than 8 $ get one of those 99 $ rackshack deals, but only on 1$ setup specials, put 999 accounts @ 5 $ on that server and make them pay 3 months in advance, earn 14679,00 as soon as they start complaining about uptime, slow server, (at best in 3 months) quit your contact with your provider, and have a 4 week vacation, then when you are back buy a domain name @ 8 $, get a server @rackshack for 99$....

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    Originally posted by The Prohacker
    How many customers can I put on a server?? Simple.. Till its full
    Yep. The delicate balance of server loads and what that server generates as far as revenue goes per month is the trick. Disk space is never too much of a problem. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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