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    Post AllureHost is 2nd to NONE!

    Good morning WHT,

    I wanted to express my complete satisfaction for the services I've received from AllureHost since they first began.

    I can't recall ever having a trouble ticket delayed for a long time. I've never seen any downtime or experienced any troubles connecting. The good folks at AH even gave email a refreshing upgrade, nice!

    Basically what I'm trying to say without appearing cheesy is if you haven't already checked out AH, you really need to today, right now!

    Thank you WHTF for your time WHTF!

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    You might want to post your website address here so people won't think you are the company . But its nice to hear of great reviews
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    Welcome to WHT. Nice to know that you are happy with your host.

    Are you monitoring your site for downtime alerts?

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    Nice to hear that you are happy with your hoster of choice, often posts here seem to be about the opposite

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    The OP's email address on file is using a domain hosted by AllureHost.

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    Good job, AH.
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    Thank you for posting your feedback on our services. We really appreciate it!
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