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    Which CC processor/Gateway do you use?

    Which do you use, Why, and how much does it cost and what does it offer?

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    well, a lot of folks prefer (pricing/rates depends which reseller you choose and what merchant account you get), some prefer (see their site for rates). Some use (see their site for rates).

    But a lot of starters use and other third party payment processors/gateways to keep down expenses..

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    We use for our gateway and our local bank for the merchant account.

    It used to be via CyberCash but g'ol Verisign went on a buying spree...
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    We use and haven't had any problems at all. As the above user said, prices will vary depending on what reseller you go through. Mostly all will have gateway fees, statement fees and minimum transaction fee amounts each month.

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    Check out this forum, do a search for payment processors.

    You will get hundreds if not thousands of thread links. This question has been asked loads of times, and the same answers keep coming up.

    Anyway, I use right now which works great in the UK.
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