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    Unhappy TotalNic Whois down

    I don't care for TotalNic but we do need to research domains on occasion and it appears that their whois has been down for nearly a week

    Anybody got any information on what the problem is?

    Not very (I was going to use the word professional, but could only laugh) helpful for an ICANN accredited registrar.

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    Huh, seems to be back up now. Maybe it's intermittent. Maybe they reacted with lightening speed before there was any adverse publicity. But I know what I saw

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    WhoIs engines are often down becuase of abuse by spamers - just try another whoIs till they wise up

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    No, you cannot get domain registration from another whois when it's down (other than a few brief details) when that registrar is a direct member of ICANN - which is why it's such a pain and why it's so annoying.

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    Is it possible you are being blocked by Totalnic when you think they are down? It seems to be more and more common to block IP addresses after a fairly low number of requests have been handled in a 24 hour period.

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    It was about the 3rd lookup in 7 days
    Interesting point though. It would have helped if it had stayed down to see if anyone else could have seen the problem, but since it came back shortly after I posted having been unavailable for quite some time, it kind b*ggers it all up

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