Fluid Hosting is growing and we are looking for one or two very energetic people to be part of our growing company with the following qualifications:

One position as an auxilliary/part time senior admin:
- very knowledgable in a system administration work. Must know FreeBSD inside/out and have experienced with since most of our servers are FreeBSD based. Of course knowledge/experience with Linux and Windows2K will be of value.
- Prefer the candidates to be at least 20+ yrs of age.
- Top priority is given to candidates that live around Boston Metro (or Somerville to be exact). If we get a person that lives close to our datacenter, the person should also be willing to be our on-call dispatch technician to the data center (in case of emergency) and to do some escorts for our colo clients. We will pay for each dispatch call to the datacenter.

One possible position as an auxilliary/part time junior admin/sales rep:
- have a moderate to advance knowledge of Apache, MySQL, Bind, Sendmail, Qmail, etc. You still need to know your way through FreeBSD
- Prefer the candidates to be at least 18+ yrs of age
- will also help with presales questions with possible commision for each signups.

If you consider yourself suitable for this work, please email [email protected] the followings:
- your resume and qualifications together with all references if you have it
- a brief statement on why you think yourself is suitable for the job.
- your desire type of payment (hourly or support ticket/request work) and your rate.

Thank you very much!