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    phpAdsNew - Gone?

    I just moved hosts and it appears the latest version of phpAdsNew is non compatable with the latest version of PHP. Can anyone confirm this for me?

    One thing I've found really weird, is WHT and SitePointForums in their sponsor ads, the links are covered by a OnMouseover event to make it look like an ad tracking program is used, but once you press down the mouse it shows the real url, the sponsor's site and nothing else . I'm wondering if they did this because phpAdsNew isn't compatably with the newest PHP (or so I think).

    Lastly, does anyone know of a ad management program which is comparable to phpAdsNew..? Hermm

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    That was the best proggie out there

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    From reading the documentation, it says that phpAdsNew is not compatible with the default settings of PHP 4.2.0. If you turn register_globals on, does it work?

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