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    * Help With Web Design

    Hi, This is probably not the place for this post, but I just don't know where to go for advice! I bought a domain name, and now have web hosting (thanks to people here, I have a good one), but my main problem is that I have no clue on how to design a web site! My hubby and I recently started a pool service company here in Las Vegas. So, we won't be selling anything online, but will need a small site for information, marketing, etc. My hubby doesn't want us to spend the money on Microsoft FrontPage. I see on's website, they have a software that is called Website Complete 5.0 for $15.00. At the time that you publish your web site, they charge $35.00. So, what is up with this software being so cheap? You get what you pay for I know, but they do charge that $35.00, so any answers? Any other way for me to learn to design a web page?? I reather do it myself than pay someone to do it. I did a personal homepage on, but of course I just followed along with the prompts, so it wasn't hard at all...... HELP!!!

    thanks in advance!

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    Why not ask your web hosting company for some support on this. We often help our customers out with stuff like this, at least they should point you in the right direction for your needs.
    best wishes

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    PM me, I can give you some information, on where to look, and what to look for.

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    Hello Lisa,

    You don't need to buy any expensive software to make a webpage. Many people here agree that anyone learning to make web pages needs to learn a bit of HTML first. HTML is the language to make web pages. It's just text and simple coding. So you can use Notepad or SimpleText to write the coding to make the site.

    There is software out there that makes it 'easier' to write HTML. Sometimes it makes it harder since you have to learn how the software works, and well, other things.

    A great place to start is . They have a section for begginers. Look for HTML tutorials too.

    If you need any help, PM me. I'll be happy to give you more tips.

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    Cool Page is a pretty easy builder to use, can use it for free but it puts ads on your pages. Under $30 to buy it.

    Netscape comes with a free builder in it. You probably also have frontpage express in your computer already (ick).

    Check out HTML Goodies too for some good tutorials.

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    of course, bearing in mind that as cheap or expensive as a software tool is, if you're not good with design the end product will look like a 5 car pile up. A clean professionally built website will improve the chances of it becoming as asset to your business rather than an embarrassing secret.

    The first thing you should probably do is check other local businesses in your area to see if they have an online presence already. If you end up with a better looking website than them, people visiting each site may just end up ringing you as they'll feel that your business is putting in more of a professional effort in regard to your image online.

    Greg Moore
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    Good advice, Greg.
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    A great resource is
    Find help on all kinds of things including links to many other resources. Good staff, helpfull users... cant go wrong


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    The "Composer" feature that comes with netscape (and mozilla, I think), is a great little HTML-writer (as hiccups mentioned). It uses an interface-format similar to microsoft word.

    There are also many sites that sell cheap website templates that you can customize to your specs.. These, obviously, are not unique, however.

    I must say, that while many creative people can design a beautiful website, learning/researching how to do this, keeping up with acceptable designs/methods, and purchasing graphics/design software is a full-time occupation/hobby. That is why people pay for website design.

    I'm not sure if the no-advertising rules apply to non-webhosting services, but I am a professional, freelance website designer. My website address is in my profile. Feel free to send me an email. Small sites such as yours are inexpensive (under $200).

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    Lisa, if you really want to do it yourself, I suggest:

    They suggest notepad, but you can also use something like: - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    7 Free webdesign course lessons, asp web programming course and other courses and some ebooks at below address:


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    The key to making an attractive site is:

    1. COLOR scheme
    2. Layout

    Visit and download dreamweaver and fireworks, both from Macromedia and available as fully functional shareware for 30 days.

    Many people will tell you learn 'PHP', 'ASP', 'CGI', blah blah. It is overkill for what you need to do; a simple informational site.

    I suggest you load up Fireworks and begin building the layout first, picking the colors, making buttons, etc.
    You will find your life alot easier then.

    Helpful links:
    3. (for inspiration only!)

    Remember not to get frustrated and always make/save revisions.

    Best of luck!
    Norm Sherman @ Netacore
    Fast/Reliable cPanel hosting on premium bandwidth

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    You have recieved some good advice here. (sitepoint is great for webdesign questions) Now please don't shoot yourself in the foot by using FrontPage.
    It makes lots useless codes like: Three or four font tags, (one for color, one for size, one for bold ect) followed by three or four closing tags. Remember browser have to read all that junk before they can display a page.
    If you ever want to add a script, you will have serious permisson issues. FP "owns" the site, and you will be unable to chmod anything properly.

    If you want to buy something, try homesite for html, and Topsite for CSS.
    I mostly use Notepad, but I also have dreamweaver which I think is very complicated, (I haven't made a site with it yet) and homesite which is great for simple things. (I have made a couple sites with it) The good thing is html editors highlight certain codes so it is easier to read, but I hate how they automatically add the closing tag when I may not want that tag there.
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    Talking Thanks for web design info!!

    You all have been so very wonderful! I have received great information and advice. I thank you all!!


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    Just thought I'd add from my personal experiences.. coding HTML by hand is the way to go.. I've been teaching my friends and people I know HTML, and it turns out that it may be difficult at first to learn, but people who do it that way rather than using WYSIWYG editors turn out with MUCH better pages in the long run.


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    Hi Lisa,
    Found this while investigating DirectNic:

    You create on the web...
    3 page site: $20
    5 page site: $30
    10 page site: $40

    (copied from their site)
    Welcome to SiteCreator!
    We know how busy you are in today's world.That's why we have created SiteCreator. With this revolutionary new feature, you can design your website in a matter of minutes with our user-friendly templates.

    Choose from hundreds of designs and thousands of graphics and images. Once you have the layout that suits your needs we will either upload it to your hosted directNIC site or send it via email so that you can upload it elsewhere. It's that simple.

    To get started, choose the number of pages you wish to develop. Don't worry, you can always add more later, even after your site is created.
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    I don't know who you have your hosting with but, i f you do not want to pay a designer or purchase a program, the next best thing would have been to use a hosting company that offers an on-line web builder. They are fairly simple to use and come with some hosting packages.

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