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  1. #1 Choose With Confidence. Secure, Reliable Remote Storage/Backup Services special backup services!
    We do NOT oversell. No more Rsync errors, HD space errors.
    Secure, Reliable, and Customer Friendly Backup Service's brought to you by
    Get quality Backup Service's to protect your investment. We do not oversell like many backup services do, all the HD space is allocated and designated accordingly in a well established and organized grid style manner. The backups can be performed from a Trexhost server, or off network at another datacenter. When running backup services, you need a service you can count on. We do not oversell, meaning that when you are running Rsync Cron Jobs, or any cron jobs, you do not have to worry about streaming your data to a location that is out of space, bandwidth, or having ftp problems. With the support of Rsync Technology, you are sure to save hundreds of megabytes a month on your backup procedures. Your account is ready for access immediatly after ordering.

    Instant Activation!

    DataCenter and Server Information-
    SoftLayer Datacenter(Telecom Hotel In Downtown, Dallas, TX, US
    Dual Core, Dual Processor Xeon 3.0(8 Processors)
    4GB ECC Ram
    10,000RPM SCSI Primary Hard Drives
    Outstanding Servers, low Loads, high performance. Great Customer Service

    Features Include-
    Unlimited Bandwidth Consumption!
    Your own Cpanel account
    Transfer using FTP, Rsync, Control Panel Backup Services
    On-the-fly compression
    Secure, Reliable remote backup location

    HD space is alloted and gridded just for you. No worries on getting errors. Your space is your space. Servers are up 99.9% of the year. For more information on these services, please click here!. Otherwise, click on the links below to get started immediatly.
    25GB - $10.00- Order Now!
    50GB - $20.00- Order Now!
    100GB-$40.00- Order Now!
    150GB-$50.00- Order Now!

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    on your order form it asks me for a domain name do i need one for your back up accounts and can i say spilt the 50GB into 2 seperate accounts?

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    Sure, what you can do is simply put in during checkout. A little further down into the checkout process, you will be asked for "comments". In the comments section, simply put in the information you stated above, and we will process your order within minutes. Thank you as always for choosing for all your hosting needs

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