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    Considering getting into the reseller market...but..

    Just many of you are running reseller business' but are NOT fully setup as a business in your other words, how many are doing this as a side business without getting a DBA, TaxID, etc...?

    I'm not sure I want to get that involved at first. I'm thinking of starting small, like a 10-20 site account...see how it goes and if I find it to be worthwhile, then proceed to the next level. Thoughts?

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    I suggest you go ahead and get a DBA and a business checking account, you can run it as a sole properitership the whole thing will only cost about $50.00 for the DBA depending on what state you are in. Then if you are serious you can take it to the next level.

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    Yeah, going to check into the DBA this week. Eventually want to be a LLC so that my personal finances don't become part of this. I'm going ahead though with getting the reseller account set up, etc. I have a few acct of my own and for some other organizations I'm involved in that I can host there to start and get comfortable with the setup and how to's etc. Hell, even if I just use the space for myself still cheaper then individual accts..

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    Start of properly! Do everything right from the begining it will save you the hassles later!

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